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Hello friends I have a question for you all. I have always assumed that Betty is older than Jimmy and the gang. Is this actually confirmed anywhere in the show? I mean, she looks older so logic says she is. But I was just curious if there is 'official' confirmation.
Nov 01 2020 10:24 PM
  • SweeneyxxTodd's Photo
    I assumed there were more than one classroom per grade, and she was on one of those.
    Dec 01 2020 02:12 AM
  • Katia11's Photo
    See, I wondered about that too. Hmmmm.......
    Dec 01 2020 02:27 AM
  • Emily's Photo
    I bet if you asked THE Keith Alcorn about it, he could give you a straight answer! ;D
    Dec 10 2020 04:03 PM