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Coming here nowadays evokes such bittersweet nostalgia. I miss this place and the way it used to be.
Jul 08 2018 08:18 AM
  • J/C AVA's Photo
    J/C AVA
    Aw man. I had similar sentiments not too long ago. I remember how we used to spazz over JN episodes and other dumb humor as the years got. I even remember tense moments and times where shit for real went down. Art stuff, joke stuff, personal stories and situations.
    Wow. Bittersweet nostalgia indeed.
    Jul 17 2018 12:32 AM
  • ShadRose17's Photo
    yeah very bittersweet, I met some of my best friends ever here, and to see it so dead now is sort of painful.
    Nov 05 2018 04:48 AM
  • Emily's Photo
    Yeah, it's very painful... *sadface*
    Nov 07 2018 02:23 AM