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I'm honestly amazed with some of the members here (especially the senior ones) still being active in this forum, even if there's no activity. I joined here in 2015 but there's still times where I forget about this forum and get inactive for months/years
Jun 23 2022 02:47 AM
  • SheWolf's Photo
    OMG, has that happened here, Mara? XD
    Jun 23 2022 05:51 PM
  • JimmyxxCindy4EVER's Photo
    Pfffft, I highly doubt that! XD
    Jun 23 2022 07:18 PM
  • BeaRizy's Photo
    The consistency is so nice to see, glad you guys never forget, unlike me on so many things especially when I'm over a particular phase haha
    Jun 24 2022 02:39 AM