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Hey everyone!
After being repeatedly (and rightfully) bombarded with requests for a "RULES" section, I finally got around to making a list of the official rules for the IDOJ forums. And HEEEERE they are...

Rules to Join
1) Ya gotta like Jimmy Neutron to join. If you came here to tell JN fans what big-fat-losers they are, then please, go waste your life somewhere else.
2) Keep obscene words out of your username. Nobody wants to send a personal message to user with the name gofuc*yourself. Funny_Bunny_by_teengkoh.gif
3) You must be prepared to adhere to all rules when joining. Don't come here to assert your long-held desire for rebellion. ROCK_ON_Emoticon_by_BlackLithium.gif

General Rules (once you've joined)
1) Don't flame other users. On_Fire_by_okamidreamchaser.gif I think this rule is pretty self-explanatory...we are all entitled to our own opinions, blah blah blah. It gets really irritating for the rest of us when a couple of people start slinging mud back and forth. So let's try to avoid catty slapfights, shall we? darkmoon__s_catfight__my2k_v__by_my2k.gif
2) On the flip side, try not to be too sensitive. Not everybody understands the concept of "tact". I know the disagreements over pairings can heat up pretty quickly, Firebreather_emoticon_by_echoskybound.gif but please, try not to be too touchy about it. If someone votes against your favorite pairing in the fave pairing game, don't automatically assume that they have something against you. Everybody has their fave pairings and everyone has the right to support those pairings, even if that means advocating against your fave. It's unlikely that they have anything against you anyway...it's not all about YOU, after all _pinkprincess__by_jelloween_by_The_Emoticon_Club.gif
3) Choose any avatar you want...it does not have to be JN related. Again, in the tradition of preserving common decency, nothing nasty please. A photocopied picture of your coworker's butt left on your desk as a joke does NOT qualify as an acceptable avatar tongue.gif
4) Try to keep your signature size fairly small. Nobody wants to scroll down fifteen times just to get past all the pictures you uploaded into your signature. LIMIT the number of pictures in your signature to 3, no more please. And that includes banners from places like magicsigs. I've seen quite a few violations of this rule, so please correct this if you are one of said violators.
5) This is pretty much standard internet rule #1, but don't give out exclusive personal information over the net. I don't want to get in trouble for YOUR stupidity. _huh__by_MrPsycho2005.gif

Well, that's all I can think of for the time being. If you have any suggestions for other rules, or if you think one of my rules is radically unfair, just give me a buzz. OK, now that you know, get posting! You didn't come here to stare at the screen, did you? _Dance__by_PetrifiedMoon.gif

Mara = ^.^ =